Instructions for downloading
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Click on "Download Adobe Acrobat Reader" on the St Lawrence webpage.

The Adobe website will open in a new window.

Scroll down to step 1.

1. Select the language:

2. Select the connection speed:
(select "dial-up" if you connect to the internet by phone line or select "broadband" if you have an Optimum Online cable connection)

3. Platform:
Select the operating system that you use.  i.e. Windows95, Windows98, Windows2000

4. Click "DOWNLOAD"

The program will now download to your computer.

5. Minimize all open windows to reveal your desktop.

6. You should see an icon for Acrobat Reader on your desktop.

7. Double click the Acrobat Icon to install the program

8. Return to the St. Lawrence website and view/print PDF files.