In 1901, it became an important mission for the parish to establish its own cemetery for the peaceful rest of its parishioners.  In order to raise the money to purchase the land for the cemetery, Joe Arata, a Lincoln Avenue farmer, donated a horse to be raffled off, with the proceeds going toward the purchase of the property.

The property that was finally purchased was 10 acres of land on Lakeland Avenue, south of Sunrise Highway, for $90 an acre.  Once the property was purchased, 3 parishioners spent many an afternoon clearing the land of trees, rocks and debris.

In 1915, the cemetery received its first internee, Mrs. Emma Kennedy, the wife of the owner of the Sayville Hotel.  Since then, there have been over 4,000 burials.    There are two special sections of the cemetery; one for cremains, in the northwest corner of the cemetery.  The other special section is in the southwest corner of the cemetery, reserved for the burial of infants.  This section, used for the first time in 1959, is the resting place for over 80 babies from our parish.

In 1989, a new entrance gateway to the cemetery was built.  A road through this gateway rises to a circle in which a large crucifix is found.  In 1959,
the remains of two former pastors of St. Lawrence, Fathers William Collins and Michael Heffernan, were moved from other gravesites in the cemetery to rest within this circle.  Each year, on Memorial Day, it is our custom to celebrate the Eucharist in this circle, for the repose of the souls of all who rest in the cemetery.

Care of the cemetery has evolved over the years.  In the early days, graves were tended by individual families, who would mow the grass, and plant trees and flowers.  Some plots were tended wonderfully, others were neglected.  Today, deed holders pay for “perpetual care” when they purchase burial rights.  A trust fund has been established to insure the proper care of all gravesites into perpetuity.  St. Lawrence Cemetery is part of the Diocesan Cemetery System, and is administered by our parish.

The Parish Cemetery Office
is located at
27 Handsome Avenue
Sayville, NY  11782
email the Cemetery Office
The Parish Cemetery
is located at
401 Lakeland Avenue
Sayville, NY  11782

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