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Parent's Corner


Living the Faith at Home
Presenter: Juan Carlos Moreno

Meeting Recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/2vxaHbXx7zNOUq_ds2XvX7YxAt_5T6a82yIY8_EEnUzN4dgoI4ylK5s2do4Oifx1  
Access Password: 1x*0a=?7

Saints in Action: Strategies to Make Saints Come Alive
Presenter: Jeanne Hunt

Target audience: Teachers, catechists, and parents
Meeting Recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/1e8vd4r32GZOAaPvyG75XekEPdzGaaa8gSMW-KAImRrAR_-3VJNPHtJuhjtb0iqR
Access Password: 6m@.48N%

Resources for Parents

Presenter: Dr. Tim Hogan
Meeting Recording: https://zoom.us/rec/share/4JFycLfeymFLY4nA1BDGAekBDpzpX6a8hyUf86VZmk02ZShuqes0ANtN9areK4DO

See free Catholic Resources on the Flourish platform.  You can gain access through this link - https://www.rclbenziger.com/catholic-resources#popup1

10 Tips for Teaching Religion Lessons to Your Children at Home

Level I Confirmation Parent Meeting Power Point Presentation

First Grade Parent Meeting Power Point Presentation

First Grade Chapters 1-8 Learning Points

First Grade Learning Points Chapters 9-16

Domestic Church 1st Grade Parent Meeting

Children at the Table of the Lord

Learning Points Chapters 17-20

Top 12 Truths Your Child Should Know

Easter Take A Step 2021



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