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“There Are Different Gifts,

but the Same Spirit”

Saint Paul’s often quoted words from 1 Corinthians issue a ringing challenge to all of us who are trying to live a genuinely Christian life.  “There are different gifts, but the same Spirit; there are different ministries, but the same Lord . . .”  Each and every member of Christ’s Body has been gifted in a way that is unique to him or her.  No two people are alike.  And yet, all of the gifts and capabilities we possess are given to us by one and the same Master, who expects us to use what we have been blessed with. 

The list that follows is intended to lay before you some of the ways in which you might belong more deeply to St. Lawrence.  Your gifts are needed!  Please spend some time reading through the brief descriptions thoughtfully--and with an open heart--asking the Lord to guide you toward an even more generous participation in the life and mission of our parish.



Altar Servers are boys and girls, fourth grade through high school, who assist the priests and other ministers at the weekend celebrations of the Eucharist, and at other liturgical functions throughout the year.   Contact Fr. Brian at 589-0042 x 118.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMs) enjoy the unique privilege of assisting in the distribution of the Eucharist at parish liturgies—both weekday and Sunday.  Training for all who are new to this ministry is provided by the Diocese.  Open to men and women, 16 years of age and older.  Many Extraordinary Ministers also bring the Body of Christ to the sick, the homebound, and the residents of Sayville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and Good Samaritan Nursing Home.  Contact Donna Vetere (for EMs in church), or Rita Swift (for EMs to the homebound), or Elaine Holz (for EMs to the Sayville Nursing Home) via the Parish Office at 589-0042.

Lectors have the responsibility of proclaiming the Scripture readings at both weekday and Sunday Masses. Open to men and women of high school age and older.   As with Extraordinary Ministers, new lectors are offered a diocesan-sponsored training program before they begin.  Contact Jeanmarie Smith at 589-0042 x124.

Junior Lectors are children and teens who proclaim the Scripture readings at the 9:00 A.M. Family Mass on the first Sunday of the month.  Contact Maria Davidson at 589-3160 x 130.

Ushers are instrumental in creating an atmosphere of welcome for those arriving to share in the Eucharist each weekend.  These men and women greet our parishioners as they enter the church, help in seating the people, take up the collection, and guide the assembly forward for Holy Communion.  Contact Jeanmarie Smith at 589-0042 x124.

Music Ministry

·         The Festival Choir is an ensemble of singers—both adults and teens--who provide a    rich experience of liturgical music at the 11:00 A.M. Mass for the major feasts and seasons of the Church year, including Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost, as well as other special celebrations.

·         The Youth Choir includes both children and adults who “make a joyful noise to the Lord” in song at the 9:00 A.M. Mass—particularly the monthly Family Mass.  It is open to boys and girls beginning in third grade, through college.

·         Cantors are teens and adults who lead the congregation in song.

·         Instrumentalists lend their varied musical skills to that of our organist and Music Director, accompanying both the Festival and Youth Choirs.

·         For any of the Music Ministries, contact Joseph Mankowski at 589-0042 x 132.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (see Faith Formation)

Sacristans unlock the church for weekday Mass (Monday through Saturday), and prepare everything needed for the upcoming liturgy.  Contact Fr. Brian at 589-0042 x 118.

The Altar Linen Guild is a group of parishioners who, on a rotating basis, launder and press the altar linens and other cloths used at Mass and in the sacristy.  Contact Margaret Kellaher via the Parish Office at 589-0042.

Alb Launderers ensure that the beautiful albs worn by our altar servers are kept clean and neatly hung in the servers’ sacristy.  Contact Janet Faughnan the Parish Office at 589-0042.

The Liturgy Committee meets monthly with the priests from September through June to do detailed and creative planning for the various liturgical seasons and major observances of the Church year.  Contact Jeanmarie Smith at 589-0042 x124.

The Church Decorating Committee works in tandem with the Liturgy Committee, to beautify the interior of the church, particularly for the Christmas and Easter seasons.
Contact Jeanmarie Smith at 589-0042 x124.

The Family Mass Committee lends support to the celebrant for the monthly Family Mass, and provides meaningful activities and crafts for the children attending the hospitality gathering that follows the liturgy.  Contact Maria Davidson at 589-3160 x 130.


Unless otherwise specified, please contact Maria Davidson or Jean Rico
at the Office of Faith Formation, 589-3160.

Catechists are men, women, and older teens engaged in the work of teaching the    faith, particularly to elementary and junior high school age children, and (depending  on the grade level) preparing them for the sacraments.  All the necessary training, supervision, and materials are provided by the parish.  One need only have a good rapport with the young, and a willingness to share one’s relationship with Jesus with those who are just beginning to know him.  Classes meet weekly from late September through the springtime. 

Catechetical Aides lend their time and presence to assist the catechists in the classroom.

Hall Monitors help supervise the school building during the hours when Faith Formation classes are in session.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word invites the children attending the 9:00 A.M. Mass on most of the Sundays from fall through spring to experience the Liturgy of the Word in the Bethany Center.  Adult catechists and older children share the Sunday readings with the children, in an inviting and age-appropriate environment.

Vacation Bible School Volunteers are a group of older children, teens and adults who assist in the planning and implementation of Vacation Bible School, held each year at the beginning of the summer.  VBS is a lively, week-long experience of Bible stories, music, crafts, and games for children 4 to 7 years of age.

The Baptismal Preparation Team visits new parents in their own home to extend the parish’s congratulations and welcome, and to hand-deliver materials the parents will use in preparation for their baby’s baptism.  Contact Gloria Ryan at 589-3160 x 122.

Baby Steps in Family Faith is a post-baptismal program that offers new parents the opportunity to gather in a mutually supportive environment; there, they can learn how best to share the treasure of our faith with their infants and toddlers, while growing in Christian discipleship themselves.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (“RCIA”) is the formation process by which adults are initiated into the life of the Catholic Church.  Not merely a “course” for those interested in joining the Church, the RCIA invites mature men and women to partici-pate in an extended experience of prayer, instruction and interpersonal sharing as they journey toward the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.  Team members and sponsors from the parish play an integral part in this process, sharing their own faith with the candidates and supporting them as the candidates move closer to the celebration of their initiation.  The process is also adapted for children and teens.  Contact Jeanmarie Smith at 589-0042 x124.

Catholics Returning Home extends a special invitation to baptized adult Catholics  who have lost touch with the practice of their faith, to “come home” to the Church, and rediscover their place in God’s household.  Team members share their own faith, and the journeys they have taken in returning to the Catholic community.
Contact Maria Davidson at 589-0042 x130

Adult Confirmation Preparation takes place each year in the several weeks leading up to Pentecost.  Members of the parish staff and other volunteers take the participants through a “short course” in the faith, so as to ready them for Confirmation.  Contact Fr. Tom Pers at 589-0042 x117.

Youth Ministry Support Staff are adults who offer their presence and assistance to our Youth Minister, as she works to create a community of teenagers (grades 8 through 12) coming together to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and supportive environ-ment.  The Youth Group looks to balance spiritual and social activities, including community service, prayer, and special events, so that our young people feel increasingly connected to Christ, to each other, and to the larger world.  Contact Jeanmarie Smith at 589-0042 x124.



Parish Outreach Volunteers assist the Parish Outreach Director in a variety of ways, e.g., greeting clients arriving at the office, collecting and distributing food, stocking and organizing the food pantry, answering the phone, and helping maintain the office records.  Contact Lorraine Magyar at Parish Outreach Office, 589-6155.

Ministers of Consolation are called upon to offer their presence and encouragement to those who have lost a loved one.  Ministers represent the concern of the larger parish by helping family members to plan the funeral liturgy, and assisting in the preparation for, and celebration of, the Mass of Christian Burial.  Contact the Parish Office at 589-0042.

Respect-Life Volunteers assist the parish staff in helping to keep the larger community informed on the spectrum of pro-life issues, and in assisting with a variety of projects throughout the year that spotlight the sacredness of each human person.  Contact the Parish Office at 589-0042.



The Family Life Committee is a creative and energetic team of parishioners who plan an array of events throughout the year that strengthen and celebrate the family and the life of the larger parish.  Events from the past year include an outdoor movie night, a parish picnic on the feast day of St. Lawrence, a delicious “Taste of Sayville,” a children’s Christmas pageant, and a St. Patrick’s Dinner-Dance.  Contact Patrice Beach via the Parish Office at 589-0042.

The Hospitality Committee organizes the refreshments in the Bethany Center that follow the monthly 9:00 Family Mass, as well as preparing light refreshments for a variety of other parish gatherings.  Contact Jeanmarie Smith at 589-0042 x124.

CYO (Catholic Youth Organization)
offers robust basketball, track, and volleyball  programs for the children and adolescents of the parish, fostering not only athletic skill but also discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and cooperation.  CYO coaches and assistant coaches assist the program’s directors in giving our kids the opportunity to grow in body, mind, and spirit.  Contact the Parish Office at 589-0042.

The Pastoral Council advises the pastor and his staff in identifying the needs of the community, honing the parish’s sense of mission, and encouraging new directions for growth in our worship, outreach, and Christian formation. Members are appointed by the pastor, but individuals may volunteer themselves for consideration.  Contact Fr. Brian at 589-0042 x 118.



St. Lawrence the Martyr Knights of Columbus is a long-standing fraternal organization of Catholic men dedicated to the support of the Church, primarily through the building up of family life, generous assistance to the needy, and the encouragement of vocations.

Collection Counters are selected by the pastor and staff to tally weekly and special collections.

Gardening Committee is a group of energetic parishioners (with green thumbs!) who work to beautify our parish campus with seasonal plantings.
Contact Jeanmarie Smith at 589-0042 x124

“Staples & Stamps” Committee handles the larger mailing projects that present themselves during the year, particularly through collating, stuffing envelopes, etc.  Contact Jeanmarie Smith at 589-0042 x124.

Having Friends Inn is a cooperative effort of the churches in Sayville, one in which St. Lawrence parishioners generously participate.  The Inn offers a nutritious hot meal in the evenings at the Congregational Church on Middle Road to those who are in need of food and companionship. 


Apart from the ministerial opportunities listed above, one might also enter more deeply into the life of the parish by joining any of the following.
Unless otherwise specified, contact the Parish Office at 589-0042.

The Charismatic Prayer Group meets weekly on Monday evenings in the school to praise the Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit, through song, sharing of Scripture, and personal faith witness.

The Eucharistic Adoration Society adores the risen Lord, mystically present in the Blessed Sacrament.  Worship takes place on the first Friday of the month, from 12 noon to 3:30 P.M., concluding with solemn Benediction.  The Blessed Sacrament is also exposed for an hour of prayer for priests each Wednesday evening from 6 to 7:00 P.M.

The Queen of Peace Rosary & Miraculous Medal Novena are offered each Monday evening from 6 to 7:15 P.M.

The Contemplative Prayer Group employs a passive form of prayer that sets aside words and images in favor of sitting receptively in the presence of God.  Mondays at 11:00 A.M. in the Bethany Center.

The Ministry of Praise consists of persons—many of them homebound or living outside the immediate area—who have committed themselves to pray each day for the needs of the parish.


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