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St Lawrence Email List - Sign-up for the St Lawrence Email List.  You will receive periodic emails from St Lawrence containing information about important parish events such as special Masses, Holydays of Obligation reminders and church social events, just to name a few.  We hope that everyone at St Lawrence who uses email will sign-up.  Click Here to sign-up now

Faith Direct - The easiest way to be sure that your gift of treasure reaches us, even when you can’t be here, is through enrollment in our electronic offertory program: Faith Direct.  If you have not yet enrolled in Faith Direct, we encourage you to consider doing so this month.  Once you have enrolled, you can relax knowing that St. Lawrence the Martyr will receive your gifts throughout the summer. Enrollment forms are available in the church office.

A Place For Prayer -
Many of us are eager to lift up our cares, burdens, hopes, and expressions of thanksgiving in prayer, and one very appealing vehicle for doing that is by way of our Book of Prayer Intentions.  Since its return several months ago, it has become a much-used place for our parishioners and visitors to St. Lawrence to  pour out their hearts’ desires in writing, and we urge you to continue to do so.   The book can be found on a podium in the Divine Mercy shrine area, on the Handsome Ave. side of the church.  We hope you find it a helpful and reassuring tool in lifting up to God the people and situations that are dear to you.

Alcoholics Anonymous - Alcoholics Anonymous meets in the school building in Room 203. Thursdays at  7:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. Saturdays at 7:00 P.M. and 8:00P.M. For more information please call (631)-669-1124

Lighthouse Catholic Media - Know anyone away from the church?  In conjunction with Catholics Returning Home LIGHTHOUSE currently has CDs in the kiosks at the east side doors of the church addressing "Inactive Catholics:"  biblical and historical reasons for being Catholic, illumination of the treasures of the Church, logic refuting Atheism and New Age practices, amazing conversion stories, and much more. We ask only $3 per CD to keep the program running. Listen to a CD yourself, then pass it on.  We are all called to evangelize!

Donating the Bread & Wine, and the Sanctuary Lamp - Just a reminder that we offer the opportunity to donate certain items used in church on a weekly basis, in particular the sanctuary lamp that burns alongside the tabernacle, or the gifts of bread and wine used in our celebrations of the Eucharist.  Parishioners and friends are welcome to donate these items for a given week, in honor of a living or deceased loved one, or for some other special intention.  The name or names of those being remembered, and of the donor(s) are printed in each week's bulletin.  Beautiful gift cards have been designed to commemorate your donation.  The requested offering to the parish for each is $25. This may come as an appealing alternative for those of you who stop by the rectory looking to secure a Mass intention, but find that the date or time you have in mind is already taken.

Low-Gluten Hosts Available - We remind you that low-gluten hosts are available for parishioners who are dealing with celiac disease or another form of gluten intolerance.  The hosts are manufactured by the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Clyde, MO, and are fully endorsed for use at Mass by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The gluten content of the hosts is .01%.

The hosts are available at any weekend Mass here at St. Lawrence.  The procedure we use is simple:  If you or a member of your family is going to be present for Mass, and wish to receive a low-gluten host, you must stop in the sacristy a few minutes before Mass to inform the priest.  He will place an unconsecrated host in a separate container, which will be brought to the altar at the offertory.

At the conclusion of the “Lamb of God,” the person receiving the low-gluten host should walk to the “Bethany” side of the carpeted sanctuary, close to the lector’s bench.  You can sit on the bench for a moment if you prefer.  From that spot you will be clearly visible to the priest, and he will bring you the low-gluten host before distributing Communion to the rest of the congregation.  (You may then wait for an Extraordinary Minister to go to his or her station if you would like to receive from the cup.)  Please feel free to contact Fr. Brian if you have any questions about this procedure.  For further information on the hosts themselves, please go to www.benedictinesisters.org.  

Are You A Registered Parishioner? - Many parishioners support St. Lawrence in our weekly collection and we do not have them listed in our census. We would like to make sure you are given proper credit for your donations. Being a registered parishioner  makes the process simpler when it is time for receiving sacraments and registering for faith formation. As a  registered parishioner you will receive special mailings and up to date information. Please call our Parish Office for more information 589-0042.

Outreach St. Lawrence Food Pantry - The Parish Outreach food pantry appreciates any and all donations, but this week we are in special need of the following items:  Boxed milk, Pasta sauce, Soup, Snacks, Toothpaste, Paper towels, Bath tissue. Gift cards (Stop & Shop, Best Market, Dollar Tree). Thank you for your ongoing generosity and support.

Abstinence and Fasting - All Catholics who have reached their fourteenth year are bound to abstain entirely from meat on Ash Wednesday and all the Fridays of Lent. All Catholics between the ages of eighteen and fifty-nine inclusive are also bound to observe the law of fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. This means limiting oneself to a single full meal and avoiding food between meals. Two other light meals, which together do not equal a full meal, may be taken during the day. Those whose work or health would be impaired are excused from fast and abstinence. Individual conscience should decide proper cause for excuse. A more serious reason is required to excuse oneself from Ash Wednesday and Good Friday fast and abstinence.

Lenten Day of Prayer at the Cenacle - You're invited to a special Lenten Day of Prayer at the Cenacle on Thursday, March 22nd. Fr. Brian will facilitate the day.  We will begin at 9:30 A.M. and conclude about 3:30 P.M..   Take several hours for yourself during this sacred season, to ready your spirit for celebrating the Lord’s Easter triumph.  Our day together will include a morning conference, time for reflection or an outdoor stroll, lunch, and a closing celebration of the Eucharist.  The cost per person is $45.  Make your reservation by contacting the rectory (589-0042). Checks can be made payable to St. Lawrence Church, and need to be dropped off in advance.  

Our Lenten Journey - Stations of the Cross Every Friday during Lent 7:00 P.M. February 16th  and 23rd March 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd

Good Friday - A Special Choral Stations  the Cross Friday, March 30th 7:30P.M. in the church

Ashes - We all know that “Christmas comes but once a year . . .”  So too, does Ash Wednesday.  Nevertheless, you’ll notice that a bowl of ashes will remain to the right of the sanctuary for the length of the Lenten season.  May they serve as a visual reminder of the spiritual resolve that we brought to Ash Wednesday, and of the Lord’s promise to raise us from the dust of death to new life.

CRS Rice Bowl - ENCOUNTER CESIA   We encounter Cesia in Nicaragua, where, despite a lack of economic opportunity, young people pursue their dreams by building businesses to better their lives. How can you work to improve the lives of others this Lent? How can you support those, worldwide, who are forced to flee their homes to find safety or better opportunities? Visit crsricebowl.org for more.

Good Start! - It was only a few weeks ago that we officially kicked off the Catholic Ministries Appeal for 2018.  As you know, the CMA is our diocese’s principal means of funding the programs through which literally thousands of people are helped right here on Long Island.  One such program is Talbot House, a Catholic Charities facility in that helps people struggling with substance abuse reclaim their lives through all the stages of the recovery process.  So it’s very encouraging to report that we’re off to a fast start with this year’s Appeal: at the moment, we have pledges totaling 31% of our goal, which is $75,300.  That’s alot of goodwill in a very short time, and I want to thank all those who have contributed so far.  Did you know, though, that fewer than 400 households here at St. Lawrence (and we have over 3700!) have been contributing the entire sum that the Diocese asks of us?   If even 100 new households chose to make even a modest pledge this year, we’d be accomplishing far more for Talbot House and numerous other programs than we ever have before.  Please make a pledge if you possibly can—donation pamphlets are at the doors of the church, or you can go to www.drvc.org/CMA.  Thanks so very much, everyone! 

It’s Lent—Have a Pretzel! - Believe it or not, pretzels had their origin as a food eaten during Lent in centuries past.  Because Christians would not eat fat, eggs or milk (among other things) during this season, they created a special bread from dough that was made only of flour, water and salt.  These little breads were shaped in the form of arms crossed in prayer, and were called bracellae (Latin for “little arms”).  Among German people, the Latin word became “bretzel.”  These little breads were a common Lenten food throughout the Middle Ages.   So have a pretzel today, and keep the prayerful purpose of Lent alive in your heart!

Never  Been Confirmed? - Quite a few Catholics have not had the opportunity to receive this beautiful sacrament, and for any number of reasons.  We would like  to make it possible for any adults or young adults to be confirmed on Pentecost Sunday, May 20th.   In preparation, the staff here at St. Lawrence will be offering a series of 6 or 7 meetings, beginning  in April (day and time TBA).  Participants would need to be baptized Catholics, who have already received Holy Communion.   For now, we’d like to know who is interested.  Please contact the rectory, and leave a message for Fr. Tom at 631.589.0042 x17





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