Parish Outreach
is where these spoken Words of Jesus are put into action.  Parish Outreach (aka Parish Social Ministry) is a program that offers our neighbors in need not only the assistance they may be seeking but also the gentleness, support, kindness and dignity that helps them through diffult times. It is the story of the Good Samaritan – “reaching out” to those who are on the roadside of life and are hurting.  Parish Outreach is centered on God’s Holy Word and touches the lives of many with His Love and Compassion.  Parish Outreach is the Gospel alive and at work right here within our own community.

Some specific aspects of our Outreach Program are outlined below:

The Food Pantry feeds approximately one hundred people per month.  We welcome and help anyone in need of food when calling on us.  There are certain criteria for on-going assistance but we never send anyone away empty handed who needs to be fed.  If they do in fact need on-going assistance and do not live within our Parish Boundary, they are directed to the Parish that can best serve them in the future.  They are then given an emergency supply of food for several days.  If they do reside within our Parish boundary lines, an interview appointment is set up whereby they meet with the Outreach Director to ascertain their needs which may go beyond the scope of food.

Parishioners usually bring bags of food to Church during weekend Masses. Food can also be dropped of at the Outreach Building during the week and during the Outreach hours of operation.  We also receive food from the Long Island Cares Food Bank and Island Harvest.  In addition, local merchants, Fire Island establishments, local organizations and our schools are also very supportive and offer very generous donations throughout the year.  Paper goods, laundry detergents and household products are always in need.  It may be worth noting that these items cannot be purchased with Food Stamps – these are considered “luxury” items.

Holiday Programs provide extra assistance to those in need at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It is important to the dignity of each family that they have an opportunity to share a special meal at Thanksgiving and to provide Christmas gifts for their family members living within the household. We also assist our families at the “Back-to-School” time of year.  We offer our families “gift cards” for each child within the household so they can make their own purchases of the particular supplies needed for their children.

Thanksgiving “Baskets” are distributed the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Parishioners and local merchants donate food items and monetary donations and supermarket gift cards are always welcomed.  These type donation gives Parish Outreach the flexibility of purchasing items that may be needed in order to complete family baskets.

The Christmas Angel Program
begins with the first Sunday in Advent.  “Angels” are cut out usually with the help of our Faith Formation classes and left in baskets at the entrances of the Church.  Each “Angel” bears a number and a request for an item needed.  The “Angel” also gives the size and/or other particulars requested by the family in need.  The “Angels” are taken from the baskets by parishioners as they come to Mass.  They shop for the item and bring it to Church or the Outreach Office wrapped with the “Angel” on the outside of the package.  The gifts are then assembled by Parish Volunteers and picked up by the family on the weekend before Christmas. If pick-up is not possible, the Knights of Columbus and other volunteers deliver the gifts.

Back to School
season can be a very expensive time for young families.  Our parishioners are asked, at the end of the summer months, to purchase gift cards to help the children start their school year off with the supplies they need. One of our Parishioners has built a “School House” that is placed in the Church during this time and Parishioners can deposit their Gift Card donations into the School House.

PARISH OUTREACH   Is where we, working together with You,
answer the calls of “Least of Our Brethern”

   The Parish Outreach Office can be contacted by calling (631)589-6155
             Office Hours:   Monday – Friday  10:00 a.m. – Noon

email Parish Outreach

 (All matters, phone calls and appointments are held in the strictest of confidence)

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