After the 1967 fire, it was time for the parish to rebuild. In November of 1968, specifications were submitted to the Diocesan Building Office, and on April 20, 1969, construction began. New St. Lawrence Parish Church, dedicated October 25, 1970
The new church was designed by Dobiecki and Beattie Architecture Firm, and built by J.F. O'Healy Construction Company of Bayport.  A large open space, the new church was very different from the small Victorian building that parishioners had known for 69 years.  The altar was placed in the center of the sanctuary.  Gone was the altar rail and a sense of separation of the congregation from the liturgical action.  Musicians and choirs were now placed in the front of the church, in view of the congregation.  The building was dedicated on Sunday, October 25, 1970, with Bishop Walter Kellenburg presiding.
The Statue of Mary, at the entrance of the "new" church today
Newly remodeled tabernacle area, November, 2003
The statue of Mary, which stood outside of the original church at the time of the fire, continues to stand at the entrance of the "new" Church more than 40 years later. Currently, the campus of St. Lawrence the Martyr Church is on 6.5 acres on Montauk Highway, intersected by Handsome Avenue.  The acreage is the result of the assembling of six different parcels of property acquired by the parish over a 72 year period.  This information is documented by deeds filed in the Office of the County Clerk, Suffolk County, New York, and by financial records of the parish.
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